The Phoenix Project

A novel about devops!

After my recent deliberations about jobs and CTOs, some friends recommended I read “the Phoenix Project” which is a novel about DevOps (thrilling eh?).

I actually really enjoyed it. I don’t think it said anything I didn’t already know but it did present it in a way that makes sense, puts it all in context and is much more readable than a dry text book on constraints and lean engineering.

So I tried laying my workload out on a Trello board (with some Zapier automation), to show the flow and how everything hangs together as a system. It looked terrifying. Then I did some work yesterday and moved some cards around - and it all clicked into place.

I can prove that data security is integral to the work we do (there are two “work centres” for it), the whole flow is geared towards revenue, there are set feedback points in the process and it’s easy to alter a process and see how it affects things.

Not a bad weekend.