The Consequences of leaving Facebook

I'm not definitely leaving Facebook - its more of an experiment. But if they do kick me off, it will hide some consequences for me.

Facebook itself

I'm middle-aged. which means Facebook is the social network that most of my friends are on. As my daughter says, "Facebook is for mums!" so thats a load of interaction I'm going to lose.

Facebook messenger

There are a few people that I normally contact on messenger. Including my eldest daughter. For the most part we can switch to iMessage (more on Apple on another day), but it definitely an issue.


Whilst I love photography and I have had an account for years, Instagram has never really been my thing, so i probably won't miss it too much.


I don't particularly like WhatsApp but it's kind of indispensable. Along with iMessage, its the messaging service that i have the most contacts on - especially family in India. I'm not sure how to replace it.

Take Action: A lot of these services are embedded within our lives now. What are the consequences to you if you leave?