The business of freelancing?

Are you a business owner or just a technician?

Last year I had the great pleasure and honour to be invited on to the Business of Freelancing podcast.

The podcast is hosted by Kai Davis (marketing consultant for Shopify owners), Meg Cumby (get the perfect testimonia) and Erik Dietrich (content marketing aimed at tech companies).

We spoke about Profit First which is the simple cashflow management system by Mike Michalowicz (that I am certified to teach).

Although on the surface Profit First is all about managing your money our discussion went much further. Because Profit First helps you build habits and boundaries that change how you approach your work.

Are you a technician, just doing a job? Are you a freelancer, living month to month? Or are you running a business with a consistent flow of work and a steady, stable income?

Because if you want the latter you need to understand that you have two roles - employee no. 1 and shareholder no. 1. Profit First builds that into your business.

I think this discussion went really well - give it a listen

Listen now

And how about you? What’s your role within your business? Dogsbody? Technician? Jack of all trades? Or owner?