I'm new to the world of business and I need a lead magnet and a marketing strategy

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I'm new to this world of business.  I need to sort out a marketing funnel and a lead magnet  and I really feel like I should have some sort of marketing plan or strategy.  The problem is I go on LinkedIn and people are all like marketing strategy or lead funnel or client generation things or whatever and it's very difficult to know what any of that is.  

In a break from the normal format, just in time for Christmas, I speak to Tom Balmont about his fantastic puppet marketing business.  We run through why he started the business, where he's getting stuck and where he wants it to go.  

I was really nervous about this episode, because we're breaking format and I'm answering the questions.  But my goal is to make people go "fuck yeah, that's really good" and I think we got there in the end, as Tom had a revelation about how he needs to present his business to the world.  

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