I need to sort out a marketing funnel and lead magnet


I'm new to this world of business. I need to sort out a marketing funnel and a lead magnet and I really feel like I should have some sort of marketing plan or strategy. The problem is I go on LinkedIn and people are all like marketing strategy or lead funnel or client generation things or whatever and it's very difficult to know what any of that is. In a break from the normal format, just in time for Christmas, I speak to Tom Balmont about his fantastic puppet marketing business. We run through why he started the business, where he's getting stuck and where he wants it to go. I was really nervous about this episode, because we're breaking format and I'm answering the questions. But my goal is to make people go "fuck yeah, that's really good" and I think we got there in the end, as Tom had a revelation about how he needs to present his business to the world. So if you think your business looks boring to the outside world and you want to get some humour injected into it, get in touch with Tom at https://www.linkedin.com/in/phil-t-peterson-tom-balmont-puppet-marketing-puppets A transcript of this episode will be available at https://clientrobot.com/allworknopay --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/all-work-no-pay/message