I need to get organised - which project management system should I use?

Is organisation really your problem?

Help!  I need to learn agile/scrum/kanban/project management system X.
I've read that it's the perfect way to keep my business organised.  
It's the only solution.  
And I really need to get organised.  

Client work keeps falling through the cracks.  
I have difficulty planning my days.  
And this system is going to help isn't it?

It might.  

But your problem might just be that you've got too much to do.

In which case, no system will help you.

Instead, you need to do less

Stop saying yes to everyone.  

Start specialising.  

Choose an area to focus on and get really good at it.  

So you deliver quickly.  Reusing templates and components to save you time. 

And being a specialist means you can charge more for happier clients.

Because everyone wants to work with the expert.