How to successfully launch a product business in four weeks

Without risking a whole load of money

If you run a service business, say custom built Wordpress sites, and you’re dreaming of launching a product, here’s how you can launch in just four weeks. 

1) choose an audience - you need to be ultra-focussed and niche
2) do your research - what are their problems, what have they already tried, what will they pay for
3) design a sales strategy - a business is nothing without customers
4) deliver results quickly - to get started without spending a fortune, do the work by hand and write out some standard procedures. You can automate and outsource later when the money is flowing. 

I have a series of exercises for you to follow that guide you through each step. Working with me is £2000 plus VAT and you can get your product business designed and launched in just four weeks. 

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