Good Habitz for looking after your money

Once the cash is flowing, everything becomes easier

So that brings series one of "All Work, No Pay" to an end. 

I hope you've enjoyed listening to them and maybe found some useful tips in there.  

I'd like to thank all my guests - the show is built around you and would be nothing without you. 

And if you want to get involved, just drop me an email at - the process is really simple and painless and we're normally done in under an hour.  

Next series is going to be slightly different.  I want to make things a bit more positive - as working for yourself isn't all about the trouble and strife.  It's also about the freedom, the flexibility, the joy of being able to choose your own path. 

We'll also have a few more features thrown into the mix - as well as guest experts, I'm planning a new slot called "Explain Like I'm Five" where you can tell me what you do and I'll see if I can simplify it to help you attract more clients.  

As I say, if you'd like to get involved, drop me an email.  

And in the meantime, I'd like to leave you with an interview I did with YouTube star Mike Winnet, on his Habitz podcast.  It's all about good habits with your money - because once you get the cash sorted, it leaves you free to concentrate on the stuff you really love.  

Listen now