There’s a thing about business owners called “Shiny Object Syndrome”

We are busy working away, learning as we go, and we find out about something new. Or we have a fantastic idea. And we say to ourselves “what we have now is good, but this is going to be amazing!”. And quickly change our business to include this new feature, process or product.

That’s great. Learning and change are important.

But if you do it too often, you never let anything bed in. You never give it the chance to grow.

Steve Jobs used to say that they said a “thousand times no for every yes”. They routinely rejected new ideas because what was important was to focus.

It can be difficult. But, sometimes, it has to be done.

Take Action: Keep a notepad by your bed. And when you get an idea, write it down immediately. Then, once a month, go back through your notepad and see which ones are really worth pursuing.