Rahoul as a hipster
Hi there!

Nice to see you again!

If you remember, we met at that thing the other day and you bowled me over with your wit and charm, whilst I fiddled with my hair (sorry, it’s a bad habit).

We had a good chat and you told me a bit about you, which sounded pretty good, apart from a few issues here and there. As I mentioned, I’ve spent the last twenty years writing code, analysing businesses, just as importantly, coaching developers and helping them build maintainable and reliable systems.

I’m not about the hard-sell, which I guess you probably noticed; instead I like to help people and I’ve written up a few bits and pieces here – if you’d like to know more then just send me your email address and I’ll give you some words of wisdom(*).

Do you know what to do but not how it works?

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(*) Actual wisdom may vary.

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