You know your problem? You do too much…

I’ve been a professional software developer for twenty years now. There’s been one idea I’ve been reading about for about fifteen of those years, but it’s only in the last couple that it’s really come home to me how important it is. And it’s really, really simple. How can you make it smaller? The feature… Continue reading

Three ways to deal with a project going wrong

One of my best friends is an SEO. I’ve always had a vague interest in what makes a web-site work, how to improve your conversions, how to make a page that sells. But it’s never been my focus. I’m much more the technical guy that builds things and leaves it to the others to promote… Continue reading

Three things you need to know to produce an accurate estimate

Estimating is the bane of most developers’ lives. Your boss asks you how long something will take, with the caveat I know it’s hard to do and I won’t hold you to it but I have to tell the customer something. You calculate your best answer, then double it. The boss walks away, performing some… Continue reading