Assets not loading on Elastic Beanstalk in Safari

I’ve been having an issue. I use Elastic Beanstalk for deploying most of my applications – it’s a layer over the top of Amazon’s EC2 service that handles a load of the complexity for you. I simply define which platform I want (Ruby 2.3 with Puma), define any components that need to be installed on… Continue reading

How do I check that the value of a field against the legal values in a file?

What if you were writing an online store, selling T-shirts, for your client and wanted them to be able to add in new stock? You could add in a model for shirts and let the store administrators add in new items via the admin section. But in order to save time and reduce errors, you… Continue reading

What does “bundle exec” mean?

Getting started with Ruby and Rails is quite different to many other programming environments. Instead of starting with an IDE and something visual to build on, you’re left at a command line with a plain text editor. If you’re not familiar with this style of development it can seem pretty confusing, some of the commands… Continue reading

How can I store application secrets without keeping them in my source code?

I’m using AWS and I need to store my credentials securely. I’ve heard that I should store them in the environment which is something to do with the program that’s running. I’ve also tried putting it in an initialiser but couldn’t figure out how to access it from my controllers. When you have important secrets… Continue reading