Now that Ruby is in decline is it still a good career choice?

The world moves fast nowadays.

It’s hard to stay on top of things; especially when it comes to technology.

What was the new hotness is now just another framework.

You’ve invested all this time and effort, was it worth it? Or have you made a terrible mistake?

What if you could be sure that your career will continue to go from strength to strength?

Firstly, Ruby and Rails aren’t in decline.

Rails is still favoured by lots of startups. It’s in use everywhere from small businesses to huge enterprises.

It may not be today’s hotness (that’s probably Node today, Go tomorrow, Rust next week?), but you won’t go wrong with Rails.

I’m always looking for talented Rubyists.

A huge media company has chosen to make my city its base and is hiring hundreds of Ruby developers (leaving vacancies at agencies across the north of England).

The jobs are out there.

Secondly, even if the bottom fell out of the Ruby market (and I can tell you that it hasn’t), if you know Ruby and Rails you’ll have a leg up on everyone else.

You know about the MVC architecture.

You are used to automated testing.

Your code will be DRY.

You’re at the heart of the DevOps movement.

And you’re familiar with the asset pipeline which underpins the modern “transpiling” javascript approach.

Modern techniques will be part of your professional life, all the way.

So trust in Ruby

Keep an eye on the rest of the world.

Change is always going to be a factor in a young discipline such as software.

But for the foreseeable future, there’s nothing better for web-applications and web-based APIs.

And when something hotter comes along, your Ruby knowledge will mean that you’re well-placed to move over.

2 Comments Now that Ruby is in decline is it still a good career choice?

  1. nezir

    Interesting article. I am .net developer with 9+ years of experience and at 2014 I decide to switch my career to Ruby, Ruby On Rails.

    These days I had more free time and finaly finish few simple Rails projects (programming and publishing). I have to admit I’m still determined to do in the future primarily Ruby. I appreciate your opinion.

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