How do I prevent an AJAX link from being clicked twice?

I have a link that I want users to click when they “like” a POST. It’s implemented using AJAX and looks like this:

First thing to note – I never use the Rails remote helpers. They are nice and easy to get started but you lose a lot of control. And if you use JQuery (or Zepto) it’s really simple to do the same thing, but with much more control.

I would do the following:

So we are writing the link out by hand, giving it a HREF of our Rails path and giving it a class of “like-link”.

Then we define an event handler for clicks on any “like-link” (this is Coffeescript but should be easily translatable to Javascript:

So the first thing we do is register a click-handler for all links of class “like-link”. When it’s clicked we disable the browser’s default event handling. Then we store a reference to our link, hide it (so it can’t be clicked twice) and then do an AJAX call to the HREF of our link. When we get a successful response, we make the link reappear.

Nice and easy, with lots of control (including error handling if you use $.ajax instead of $.post).

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